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California Legislature

CESA actively helps shape energy legislation in California.  CESA has sponsored multiple energy storage related bills and recognizes that energy policy at the California legislature plays a key role in building a smart and viable energy storage market in California. CESA has its own lobbyist, and works closely with its member-driven “Legislative Working Group” to develop legislative advocacy positions, activities, etc.  CESA also hosts and organizes an annual “Lobby Day” where all CESA members are invited to speak with important legislators and energy storage champions, including Senator Nancy Skinner, Senator Henry Stern, Senator Richard Weiner, Assemblymember Holden, the Governor’s office, and more.

Key Accomplishments Include:

  • Collectively, bills authored or supported have helped create and grow California’s Energy Storage market, including over $1B in energy storage incentives and over 2000s MWs of new energy storage procurement, in addition to ‘clean peak standards’, major clean energy legislation, and more.

  • Passage of SB 801 directs LADWP to consider procurement of up to 100 MW of energy storage and authorizes SCE to procure up to 20 MW of energy storage to mitigate the impacts of the Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Facility limitations

  • Foundational legislation CESA has sponsored or supported to create a storage market in California include: AB 2514 (2010), AB 546 (2017), AB 1637 (2016), SB 700 (2018) SB 338( 2017), SB 1136 (2018)SB 1339 (2018), SB 1369(2018), SB 100(2018) and more.