Associate Membership  

CESA membership for energy storage buyers and users

Energy storage buyers are a driving force behind innovative storage procurements in California, but the market is still in need of policy improvements and knowledge-exchange to make it more reliable and cost-effective for buyers to procure, deploy, and operate storage systems. Some key areas of collaboration include operating and valuing storage for wholesale markets and multiple-use applications, streamlining interconnection and permitting, supporting EV and other distribution infrastructure buildout, investing in storage-backed microgrids, passing smart legislation, and much more.

CESA has over ten years of experience making headway at the CPUC, CAISO, CEC, and State Legislature, on the types of tricky policy and market-based improvement needed to expand California’s storage ecosystem. Now, CESA has created a new Associate Membership category specially for storage buyers, with the goal of facilitating more policy progress. By aligning the goals of buyers and our core membership of over 80 energy storage providers, we can increase the use of energy storage in California and build a stronger, greener electric grid.

Associate Membership is composed of buy-side entities, including corporate end-users, investor- and publicly-owned utilities, load-serving entities, municipalities, cooperatives and Community Choice Aggregators.