CESA is committed to safety

Safety is an integral part of the CESA Mission Statement:

The mission of CESA is to make energy storage a mainstream resource to advance a more affordable,
efficient, reliable, safe and sustainable electric power system for all Californians.

In 2019, CESA adopted a Safety Commitment Statement:

“CESA is committed to the safe deployment of all energy storage resources in California so that people, property and the environment are protected from harm. CESA supports the adoption of energy storage safety standards in California, consistent with industry and national standards, to prevent or mitigate hazards via proactive, collaborative stakeholder effort. CESA works to advance a culture that values safety, and CESA’s Mission Statement incorporates safety as a core value. We aim to ensure that our members are informed and have access to industry best practices for safely deploying energy storage technologies.  In addition, CESA encourages its members to share transferable lessons learned for the continual improvement of energy storage safety standards.”

Read our one-pager on Energy Storage Safety.

Join CESA to participate in our Energy Storage Safety Working Group.

CESA Safety Technical Advisory Council


Kenneth Boyce, P.E.
Corporate Fellow & Engineering Director, UL


Ben Kaun,
Program Manager,
Energy Storage and Distributed Generation, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)


Roger Lin,

Vice President of Marketing, NEC Energy Solutions

Safety Working Group Chair