Enel X

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Mona Tierney-Lloyd, Senior Director, Western Regulatory Affairs, Enel X North America, an Enel Group Company

Mona has been active in the development of energy policy in the Western United States for nearly 20 years and has 30 years of energy experience.  She has been employed by Enel X, formerly EnerNOC, Inc., an Enel Group Company, since 2008. She has participated in the development of regulatory and legislative policy for distributed energy resources (DERs) including demand response, energy efficiency, energy storage and electric vehicles. Some of the issues that Mona has successfully represented DER resources include:

  • Development of the demand response auction mechanism and contract negotiation

  • Inclusion of DERs in utility procurement and wholesale markets

  • Wholesale market integration of DERs

  • Oppose anti-DER legislation

  • Data access issues

  • Resource Adequacy

Mona is on the board of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies (CEERT) and is Chair of the Board of the California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA). She is the Energy Committee Co-Chair for Silicon Valley Leadership Group, where she received the Chairman’s Award in 2018, and the Western Chair of the Advanced Energy Management Alliance. She received the “Innovator, Woman of the Year” Award by California Women in Energy in 2017. She is active in other trade organizations include Advanced Energy Economy, TechNet, California Efficiency and Demand Management Council and Mission:data. She is also Vice Co-Chair of the ERCOT Demand-Side Working Group, active in the Texas Advanced Energy Business Alliance and the Arizona Independent System Administrator, as well as a past board member.

Prior to her employment with EnerNOC, Mona was a Regional Vice President of Government Affairs for Constellation NewEnergy and Director of Government Affairs for Enron Energy Services. She also worked for San Diego Gas & Electric and Elizabethtown Gas Company and Elizabethtown Gas Company in New Jersey. Mona began her career working for a natural gas and petroleum exploration and development company (Atlas Energy Group). She has a BS Degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from Penn State.