Series A Members

Series A Members

Series A Members are critical to the growth of CESA and represent the future of the energy storage industry. These members are less involved in the overall steering and decision-making duties of CESA, but recognize the need for strong advocacy in renewable energy storage management.

Able Grid Energy Solutions is a utility-scale energy storage developer backed by leading energy investors. In partnership with utilities, communities, technology providers, and financing partners, Able Grid is developing low-cost energy storage assets that advance a low-carbon future. 

Amber Kinetics, Inc. was founded in anticipation of the enormous worldwide demand for competitively priced, safe, environmentally sustainable, multi-hour energy storage. Our mission is to accelerate global adoption of energy storage by commercializing our advanced, cost-disruptive flywheel technology to provide a lower cost and higher performing alternative to fossil fuel generation.

Brenmiller Energy, based on its unique storage technology, provides sustainable energy solutions. Our unique integrated design minimizes equipment cost and offers a cost-competitive storage media, significantly reducing storage prices compared to other alternatives. The company was founded in 2012 by Avi Brenmiller, former CEO of Siemens CSP and Solel.

Bright Energy Storage Technologies is commercializing novel energy storage and generation technologies. Their technology offers attractive economics for meeting requirements of a wide range of retail and wholesale grid-connected applications across a broad power- and duration range.

ElectrIQ Power is a Palo Alto, CA-based energy management company developing hardware and software technologies for the cleantech space. ElectrIQ's all-in-one energy storage and energy management solution features a powerful user dashboard, advanced-realtime analytics and operational flexibility that helps homes and building owners control energy usage, save money, and optimize onsite renewables.

eMotorWerks provides valuable grid management services - such as demand response, frequency regulation, peak shaving, local load balancing, and many others - that help utilities and ISOs better manage the grid volatility and prepare for and fully leverage accelerating EV adoption. Low manufacturing and operating costs of our company's networked assets support high ROI and short payback periods on initial capital investments.

Energport is a group of vibrant, enthusiastic, and talented engineers with extensive experience in energy storage system design and development. Energport is a company composed of individuals from different backgrounds, but strives for a shared goal to bring the world a more resilient, efficient, and cleaner energy future with its state-of-the-art energy storage systems.

Energy Storage Systems, Inc. (ESS) has developed and markets a cost-effictive energy storage system that combines an abundant and non-toxic iron electrolyte with our patented flow cell design. The resulting combination of high performance with low cost makes it ideally suited for commercial and utility-scale renewables integration, demand management and backup power.

Geli provides software and business solutions to design, connect, and operate energy storage and microgrid systems. Geli’s suite of products, including Geli ESyst, Geli EOS, & Geli GENI, enable developers, OEMs, financiers, and project owners to deploy bankable energy storage systems that deliver energy resiliency, customer savings, and investor returns.

Gridscape Solutions is a software and service company that specializes in designing and developing a broad range of smart energy solutions for utilities, manufacturers and other enterprises. Our core competency is to leverage the right technological innovations and provide leadership to design, manage and implement turnkey energy solutions for our worldwide clients. Our solutions not only bring operational efficiency and savings to our customers but also create new sources of revenue.

Gridtential Energy is developing an advanced lead-acid battery that utilizes semiconductor tools & manufacturing techniques to improve performance and reduce cost.

IE Softworks Cold Battery technology turns consumer and commercial refrigeration devices into aggregated cost effective thermal storage batteries for peak load shifting. We do this at 1/10th the cost of traditional grid battery energy storage to help meet and exceed AB2514 mandates. Our patented control algorithm can repeatedly and consistently shift 16,500 MWh of peak energy demand each day in California with no intervention or impact to the end user. Our unique demand management solution will allow utilities to reduce asset investment to meet peak reliability requirements, participate in demand response services as an aggregate service provider, reduce energy acquisition costs and provide an incentive for customers to move to time of use tariffs.

Iteros is a San Diego-based company on a mission to enable a smarter, more reliable, more sustainable energy grid by providing energy management software that makes it easier to integrate, operate, and manage technologies like renewable energy resources and energy storage. Our comprehensive platform allows our users to qualify and size energy projects, rapidly commission equipment and apply complex controls, and manage one installation site ot their entire portfolio through customizable dashboards and reporting.

Sovereign Energy Storage, LLC is an independent developer of renewable energy and energy storage projects for utility-scale applications. The team specializes in project origination, financial modeling, technical due diligence, contract negotiations, and project financing with a focus on opportunities in the Western United States.

STOREME, Inc. specializes in software integration for companies working with the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), facilitating real time notifications, to compliance, to end of month settlements, and processes in between.

Swell Energy is a Venice, CA-based company specializing in the marketing, sales, installation, and financing of intelligent home energy storage solutions. Smart home batteries from Swell empower homeowners to ensure clean, secure, and affordable power for their homes.