CESA Filings

February 5 Storage OIR Track 2 Scoping Memo Comments
January 29 RA Proposals Comments
January 22 SGIP Staff Proposal Reply Comments
January 15 TOU OIR Considering Appropriate Time Periods Comments
January 15 Response to PG&E's 2014 Storage RFO Contracts
January 15 Response to SCE's 2014 Storage RFO Contracts
January 11 Storage OIR Track 1 PD Reply Comments
January 8 Response to Applications for Rehearing SCE LCR RFO
January 7 NEM Successor Tariff PD Comments
January 7 SGIP Staff Proposal Comments
January 4 Storage OIR Track 1 PD Comments
December 18 Comments on Bulk Storage Workshop
December 7 SGIP 2016 Partial Suspension PD Comments
December 4 LTPP Modeling Methodology Staff Proposal Comments
December 3 Rule 21 Joint Motion Response
November 20 DRP Roadmap Comments
November 17 M&T Supplement to Draft Final Proposal Comments
November 6 SGIP Program Restructure ACR Comments
November 2 Frequency Response Straw Proposal Comments
November 2 CAISO Stakeholder Initiatives Catalog Comments
October 29 ESDER Alternative Proposal WG Call Comments
October 27 Reactive Power Straw Proposal Comments
October 26 SCE LCR RFO for Western LA Basin Comments on PD & APD
October 20 DR BUGs Reply Comments
October 9 ESDER Revised Straw Proposal Comments
October 2 Storage OIR Track 1 Workshop Report Comments
September 8 Integrated Demand Side Resources (IDSR) Reply Comments
September 2 Integrated Demand Side Resources (IDSR) Opening Comments
September 1 NEM Successor Tariff Proposals Comments
August 31 2015 Integrated Energy Policy Report Comments
August 31 Consolidated DRP Applications of IOUs Comments
August 27 Frequency Response Issue Paper Comments
August 26 2017 Demand Response Programs Comments
August 18 ESDER Issue Paper & Straw Proposal Comments
August 4 SGIP GHG Emission Factor Update PD Reply Comments
July 31 Demand Response Cost-Effectiveness Comments
July 30 SGIP GHG Emission Factor Update PD Opening Comments
July 22 FRACMOO Phase 2 Working Group Comments
July 9 2015 Energy Storage OIR Comments: Scoping Memo
June 22 RA Reply Comments
June 5 Lin Rebuttal Testimony re SCE's Charge Ready Application
June 3 DR Potential Study Comments
May 29 Energy Storage and Aggregated Distributed Energy Resources Enhancements: Proposed Scope and Schedule
May 27 Expanding Metering & Telemetry Phase 2, Revised Straw Proposal
May 22 SGIP SB 861 Restructuring ACR Comments
May 22 Response to Joint Utility Rule 21 Motions
May 15 IDSM OIR Response
May 8 RPS Calculator Reply Comments
May 4 2015 Energy Storage OIR Comments
April 28 NEM Successor Public Tool Comments
April 27 SGIP Reservation Extension PFM Comments
April 23 SGIP GHG ACR Reply Comments
April 17 SGIP GHG ACR Opening Comments
April 15 RPS PHC Statement
April 2 LTPP Motion to Admit Phase 1a Testimony
March 26 RPS OIR Comments
March 25 AFV Response to MC to Consolidate
March 25 Lin Testimony re SCE's LCR RFO Application
March 20 Reactive Power Requirements for Asynchronous Resources Issue Paper and Straw Proposal
March 16 NEM Successor Tariff ALJ's Ruling Comments
March 16 J. Lin SDG&E VGI Testimony
March 13 PG&E's EV Program Application Protest
March 9 CAISO 2015-2016 TPP Draft Study Plan Comments
March 9 SGIP CSE Advice Letter 56 re TES Comments
February 27 RA Party Proposals Comments
February 17 Protest of Advice Letter re Regarding Residential System Eligibility for SGIP
February 9 IEPR 2015 Scoping Order Comments
January 29 SCE's Charge Ready Application PHC Statement
January 20 LTPP Schedule Comments
January 16 RA Party Proposals Comments
January 12 LTPP Assumptions and Scenarios Comments
January 12 SCE's LCR RFO Application Response
December 18 LTPP 2014 Reply Testimony
December 15 CESA's Response on SGIP Petition
December 12 CAISO Energy Storage Interconnection Initiative Draft Final Proposal Comments
November 10 Smart Inverter Comments
November 8 Integrated Demand Side Resource OIR Comments
November 5 CESA's RA OIR Comments
October 20 CESA's SGIP ACR Reply Comments
October 15 CESA's SGIP ACR Comments
October 9 CESA Comments on CAISO's 2014-2015 TPP Stakeholder Meeting
October 1 CESA's Comments on NEM Successor Tariff - ALJ Ruling (Public Tool Workshop)
September 24 R.13-12-010 Testimony on Behalf of CESA
September 18 CESA Response to Roadmap
September 12 CESA Reply Comments on CPUC AFV OIR Scoping Memo
September 12 CESA Comments on CPUC Rule 21 Staff Reports
September 5 CESA Feedback Memo on ES Roadmap workshop
August 29 AFV Scoping Memo Comments
August 22 CESA Comments on CAISO's ES Interconnection 8-11 Presentation
August 18 CESA Comments on NEM OIR 08-18-2014
August 18 Rule 21 - CESA Comments on Smart Inverters
August 8 PHC Statement re SDGE VGI Pilot
August 6 CESA Energy Storage Roadmap Comments
August 4 Draft Res. E-4628 - SJRTD EV Bus Tariff Comments
July 15 CAISO's Energy Storage Interconnection issue Paper Comments
July 10 CAISO's FERC Order 792 Draft Tariff Language Comments
July 1 Comments on Alternate PD for PLS
June 23 06-23-14 CESA'S RA PD Reply Comments - FINAL
June 20 06-20-14 CESA's Response to Terra-Gen
June 19 Scoping Memo Reply Comments
June 16 Local & Flexible Capacity PD 2014-05-27 - CESA Comments
June 12 CESA Scoping Memo Comments on Solicitation Application Scoping Ruling
May 20 Letter to Commissioner Peterman - Pumped Hydro Workshop & LTPP
May 19 SDG&E VGI Pilot Application Response
May 12 NEM Proposed Decision Reply Comments
May 7 Comments on PLS PD
April 30 CAISO Reliability Services Working Group Comments
April 25 CESA's RA Post-Workshop Reply Comments
April 16 CAISO Storage Interconnection Teleconference - Comments
April 14 PG&E DR & PLS - CESA's Ex Parte Communication
April 9 Reliability Services 2014-03-27 Workshop Comments
April 7 Response to Consolidated Applications of IOUs
March 13 DR Foundational Issue PD Comments
March 6 ALJ's Ruling Reply Comments
March 3 DR Ruling Comments
March 3 LTPP Track 4 Comments
March 3 RA Reply Comments
February 25 Rule 21 PD Comments
February 24 ALJ's Ruling Comments
February 21 Joint Reliability Plan Preliminary Scoping Memo Comments
February 21 FRACC-MOO Comments
February 19 LTPP Track 3 Comments
February 19 CESA RA Comments
February 19 Reliability Services Issue Paper Comments
February 19 CPUC AFV OIR ALJ Ruling CESA Comments
February 10 DG/Storage Interconnection Ex Parte Notice
February 3 Comments on LTPP OIR
January 31 Flexible RA Criteria and Must-Offer Fifth Revised Straw Proposal Comments
January 15 Joint CPUC/CAISO LTPP/TPP Dec '13 Planning Assumptions Workshop Reply Comments
January 9 Final 2013 IEPR Comments
January 8 CPUC/CAISO LTPP/TPP Dec '13 Planning Assumptions Workshop Comments
January 8 CPUC Safety ACR Comments
December 20 AFV OIR Reply Comments
December 16 DR Scoping Memo Comments
December 16 DR Ex Parte Notice
December 13 AFR OIR Comments
December 10 CAISO VGI Comments
November 27 CAISO RA Criteria and Must-Offer Fourth Revised Proposal Comments
November 25 LTPP Track 4 Opening Brief
November 8 SGIP-NEM ACR Reply Comments
November 1 SGIP-NEM ACR Comments
October 29 Draft 2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report Comments
October 22 Resource Adequacy QC and EFC Calculation Comments
October 21 Demand Response OIR Comments
October 16 CAISO RA Criteria and Must-Offer Third Revised Proposal Comments
October 14 LTPP Response to SCE Motion to Strike
October 10 CAISO Alternatives to Transmission and Conventional Generation Paper Comments
September 30 Storage OIR Proposed Decision Reply Comments
September 30 LTPP ALJ's Ruling re Schedule Comments
September 30 LTPP Track 4 Testimony
September 26 RPS Cost Containment ALJ's Ruling Comments
September 23 Storage OIR Proposed Decision Comments
September 23 PLS Petition to Modify Reply to Responses
September 17 Societal Cost Test E3 Presentation Comments
September 5 NEM Aggregation Resolution Comments
September 3 SGIP Thermal Conversion AL Comments
August 30 DG/Storage Interconnection ALJ's Ruling Reply Comments
August 15 Flexible RA Capacity and Must-Offer Criteria Comments
August 12 Petition to Modify PLS Decision
August 9 LTPP Notice of Ex Parte Communication
July 31 DG/Storage Interconnection ALJ's Ruling Comments
July 25 CAISO Joint Reliability Proposal Comments
July 19 Storage Target ACR Reply Comments
July 3 Storage OIR Targets ACR Comments
June 27 LTPP IEP Track 4 Motion Response
June 27 LTPP Joint Parties Track 4 Motion Response
June 24 Electric Vehicles PD Reply Comments
June 17 RA PD Comments
June 17 Electric Vehicles PD Comments
May 10 LTPP ALJ's Ruling re Track III Issues Comments
April 29 PLS Resolution E-4586 Comments
April 26 LTPP ALJ's Ruling on Track III Issues Comments
April 19 SDG&E GRC Notice of Ex Parte Communication
April 6 RA ALJ's Ruling Resetting Schedule on Phase 2 Issues Comments
March 25 CEC RPS Eligibility Guidebook Revision Comments
March 11 CSI, SGIP and other DG Prehearing Conference Statement
February 21 Storage OIR ALJ's Ruling re Interim Staff Report Reply Comments
February 4 Storage OIR ALJ's Ruling re Interim Staff Report Comments
January 29 CEC Draft 2013 IEPR Scoping Order Comments
January 22 LTPP Phase 1 Proposed Decision Reply Comments
January 14 LTPP Phase 1 Proposed Decision Comments
December 26 Resource Adequacy Phase 2 Scoping Memo Comments
December 12 RPS ACR re Reform Proposals Reply Comments
December 7 CEC's EPIC Application Response
November 19 RPS ACR Comments
October 25 DG/Storage Interconnection ACR Comments
October 22 LTPP Response to Megawatt Storage Farms Motion Regarding the Loading Order and Storage
October 22 LTPP/Storage Workshop Reply Comments
October 9 LTPP/Storage Workshop Comments
October 1 Post-Workshop Comments on Demand-Side Cost-Effectiveness
September 24 LTPP Track 1 Opening Brief
September 7 FERC Third Party Ancillary Services and Storage NOPR Comments
September 7 PLS Pre-Workshop Comments
September 4 SGIP Handbook Appeal Resolution Comments
September 4 DG/Storage Interconnection Proposed Decision Comments
July 23 Storage OIR Proposed Phase 1 Decision Opening Comments
July 23 LTPP Track 1 Reply Testimony of Janice Lin
July 18 RPS Procurement Plan Reply Comments
July 2 DG/Storage Interconnection Pro Forma Agreements Comments
June 25 LTPP Track 1 Local Reliability Testimony of Janice Lin
June 11 LTPP Planning Standards Reply Comments
June 11 Resource Adequacy Proposed Decision Opening Comments
May 18 CAISO Pay For Performance Regulation Comments
April 16 2012-2014 DR/PLS Programs Alternate PD Reply Comments
April 16 CESA Ex Parte Communication re: PLS
April 11 Resource Adequacy Workshop Comments
April 9 2012-2014 DR Programs Alternate Opening Comments
April 6 LTPP Comments on Scoping Memorandum
April 2 Appeal of Energy Division SGIP Protest Disposition
March 30 CEC 33% RPS for POUs Draft Regulations
March 15 Smart Grid Workshop Report Comments
March 12 SGIP Supplemental Protest
February 27 Protest and Response to SGIP Advice Letters
February 27 CAISO Draft Final Proposal Pay for Performance Comments
February 21 Storage OIR Reply Comments on Initial Staff Proposal
February 16 CAISO Flexible Capacity Procurement Issue Paper Comments
January 31 Storage OIR Opening Comments on Initial Staff Proposal
January 18 CAISO Pay for Performance Regulation Revised Straw Proposal Comments
January 13 Resource Adequacy Phase 1 Proposal
January 5 CAISO RA Deliverability for DG Comments
December 26 CEC 2011 IEPR Lead Commissioner Draft Comments
December 26 CEC 2011 IEPR Lead Commissioner Draft Comments
December 19 CAISO Pay for Performance Straw Proposal Comments
December 5 SGIP 2012 and 2013 Annual Budget Reply Comments
November 28 SGIP Protest and Response to Advice Letter Implementing SB 412
November 22 2012-2014 DR Program Applications - Reply Comments
November 21 Resource Adequacy OIR Reply Comments
November 17 2012-2014 DR Program Applications - Comments on Proposed Decision
November 14 DG/Storage Interconnection OIR Reply Comments
November 7 Resource Adequacy OIR Opening Comments
October 27 Opening Comments on DG/Storage Interconnection OIR
October 27 Opening Comments on RPS Content Categories
October 21 CAISO RIMP, Phase 2 Market Vision and Roadmap Comments
September 22 CAISO Renewables Integration and Product Review, Phase 2 Comments
September 16 Storage OIR Reply Comments on ALJ's Ruling Entering Documents Into Record
September 12 FERC CAISO Regulation Energy Management Tariff Amendment Comments
September 12 FERC Promoting Transmission Investment Through Pricing Reform NOI Comments
September 9 2012-2014 DR Program Applications Reply Brief
August 29 Storage OIR Comments on ALJ's Ruling Entering Documents Into Record
August 22 FERC Ancillary Services and Storage Notice of Inquiry Comments
August 22 2012-2014 DR Programs Applications Opening Brief
August 15 SGIP Reply Comments on Proposed Decision Implementing SB 412
August 12 DR Programs Response to ALJ's Ruling Requesting Comments on Applicants' Responses to Energy Division Data Requests
August 8 SGIP Opening Comments on Proposed Decision Implementing SB 412
July 8 Response to SCE's Dynamic Pricing Application
June 15 2011-2014 DR Program Applications Testimony
May 11 SGIP Opening Comments on Consultant's Report
May 9 SGIP Reply Comments on Revised Staff Proposal
May 2 FERC Frequency Regulation Rulemaking Comments
May 2 SGIP Comments on Revised Staff Proposal
May 2 CAISO Renewable Integration Discussion & Scoping Paper, Phase 2 Comments
April 4 Response to 2012-2014 DR Program Applications
March 18 Reply Comments on Permanent Load Shifting Report
March 11 2011 Draft IEPR Committee Revised Scoping Order Comments
March 7 Opening Comments on Permanent Load Shifting Report
March 3 2011 IEPR Comments re Fossil Powered Power Plants in Southern California
March 2 FERC Integration of Variable Energy Resources Rulemaking Comments
February 14 Smart Grid Metrics Reply Comments
January 21 Storage OIR Comments
January 20 CAISO RIM Straw Proposal Comments
January 14 LTPP Planning Assumptions and Modeling Issues Comments
January 7 CAISO REM Draft Final Proposal Comments
January 6 SGIP SB 412 Response to Program Administrator's Motion to Suspend Program
December 17 CEC 2011 Integrated Energy Policy Report Workshop Comments
December 10 SGIP SB 412 Implementation Reply Comments
December 10 SGIP SB 412 Implementation Reply Comments
December 1 CAISO REM Straw Proposal Comments
November 15 SGIP SB 412 Implementation Opening Comments
October 18 CAISO Renewable Integration Market & Product Review Issue Paper Comments
October 8 LTTP Renewable Integration Modeling Reply Comments
September 21 LTPP Renewable Integration Modeling Comments
August 9 FERC Staff Energy Storage Request Comments
July 30 CAISO Renewable Integration Market & Product Review Discussion Paper Comments
July 28 CEC 2011 Integrated Energy Policy Report Scoping Memo Comments
July 16 LTPP Renewable Reply Comments
July 9 LTPP Renewable Resource Planning Comments
June 21 Long-Term Procurement Policy Comments
June 10 CESA Smart Grid Proposed Decision Comments
April 1 Smart Grid Policy Reply Comments
March 22 Comments re PD and APD on SCE's Fuel Cell Application
March 9 Smart Grid Policies Comments
February 24 CAISO Non-Generator Ancillary Services Comments
February 10 CCSE/CESA SGIP Petition for Modification Reply Comments
February 9 SGIP Budget Response to TURN Rehearing Application
February 1 CCSE/CESA SGIP Joint Petition for Modification Comments
January 12 CESA's Proposal to CAISO re Non-Generator Ancillary Services
December 30 Brief re SCE's Fuel Cell Application
December 30 Brief re SCE's Fuel Cell Application
December 15 SGIP SB 412 Implementation Comments
December 4 CAISO Direct Participation of Retail DR: CAISO Comments
October 29 CEC 2009 Draft IEPR Comments
October 26 Feed-In Tariff Reply Comments
October 19 Feed-In Tariff Comments
October 5 Rebuttal Testimony of Janice Lin re SCE's Fuel Cell Application
September 28 SGIP 2010-2011 Budget Comments
September 22 CCSE/CESA Petition to Modify SGIP Reply Comments
September 15 CAISO Non-Generation Ancillary Services Comments
September 14 Testimony of Janice Lin re SCE's Fuel Cell Application
August 12 CEC 2009 Draft IEPR Storage Policy Comments
August 7 CCSE/CESA Joint Petition to Modify SGIP
July 20 DR 2009-2011 Budget Comments
July 9 DG Proposed Decision re Cost-Benefit Methodology Comments
June 1 Protest of SCE's Fuel Cell Application
April 16 CEC IEPR Workshop Comments
February 25 DG Ruling re Cost-Benefit Comments
February 9 Smart Grid OIR Comments