About Us

“CESA has been highly effective in promoting regulatory reforms for energy storage, helping to educate legislators, PUCs, utilities and others as to the true value proposition of storage. Every stakeholder stands to gain by supporting CESA and taking advantage of their advocacy and actions, both in California and at the national level.”

Judith Judson, Director of Emerging Technologies, Customized Energy Solutions


The California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA) is a 501c(6) membership-based advocacy group committed to making energy storage a mainstream resource in helping to advance a more affordable, cleaner, efficient and reliable electric power system in California.  CESA accomplishes this objective through policy development, education, outreach, and research.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make energy storage a mainstream energy resource that accelerates the adoption of renewable energy and promotes a more efficient, reliable, affordable, and secure electric power system.

Our Members

Our membership includes technology manufacturers, project developers, systems integrators, electrical contractors, software developers, profession services firms, and other clean tech industry leaders. We are technology and business model-neutral, and are supported solely by the contributions and coordinated activities of our members.

Our Achievements

CESA was founded in February 2009 and quickly established a solid track record of success:

  • CESA influenced amendments and helped garner support for AB 2514 (Energy Storage Procurement Targets) now signed into law. This bill will open a storage-focused rulemaking at the CPUC.
  • California legislative leaders – including Assembly Member Nancy Skinner (Chair of the Natural Resources Committee), Assembly Minority Leader Sam Blakeslee, and Senator Christine Kehoe (Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee), the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the California Attorney General -- all rely on CESA as the go-to source for storage information and policy input
  • CESA influenced amendments and helped garner support for SB 412 (Self Generation Incentive Program expansion, now signed into law) which will open the way for incentive funding for more applications of storage
  • CESA influenced amendments to SB 14 and AB 64 (Renewable Portfolio Standard bill, vetoed by the Governor) to ensure that renewables coupled with storage would be counted toward California’s RPS, and in the process educated key democratic renewable energy champions in the legislature about the importance of storage
  • CESA is an active participant in selected high profile CPUC proceedings, including key energy policy areas critical to storage:
    • SGIP modifications and SCE fuel cell protest
    • Smart Grid implementation
    • Feed-in Tariff implementation
    • Cost-benefit methodology for distributed energy resources
    • Demand response/permanent load shifting
    • Demand response/non generation DR (ancillary services)
  • CESA is an active participant in the CEC’s integrated energy policy report (IEPR) development, working both formal and informal channels at the CEC for the consideration of storage
  • CESA will be an active participant in the California Air Resources Board RPS/RES implementation process (California’s 33% RPS implementation is now led by CARB by Executive Order)
  • CESA is a key stakeholder in the CAISO’s implementation of FERC Orders 719 and 890 mandating comparable treatment of non-generation resources in wholesale markets
  • CESA frequently presents at major conferences, in California, nationally and abroad
  • CESA testified before the California legislature in support of key omnibus storage legislation

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