About Us

“CESA has been highly effective in promoting regulatory reforms for energy storage, helping to educate legislators, PUCs, utilities and others as to the true value proposition of storage. Every stakeholder stands to gain by supporting CESA and taking advantage of their advocacy and actions, both in California and at the national level.”

Judith Judson, Director of Emerging Technologies, Customized Energy Solutions


The California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA) is a 501c(6) membership-based advocacy group committed to advancing the role of energy storage in the electric power sector through policy development, education, outreach, and research.

Our Mission

CESA's mission is to make energy storage a mainstream energy resource that enables a more efficient, reliable, affordable, and secure electric power system.

Our Members

CESA's membership includes technology manufacturers, project developers, systems integrators, electrical contractors, software developers, profession services firms, and other clean tech industry leaders. We are technology and business model-neutral, and are supported solely by the contributions and coordinated activities of our members.

Our Achievements

2015 was a big year for CESA and energy storage! Guided by the Energy Storage Roadmap adopted and implemented by the CAISO and the CPUC, energy storage was increasingly considered as a cost-competitive, mainstream energy resource in a number of different proceedings and initiatives, as well as being included in key energy bills in Sacramento. There was over 400 MW of storage procurement in compliance with AB 2514, a key energy storage bill that CESA provided leadership. The CAISO and the CPUC also made significant progress in creating market rules for multiple-use applications, developing markets for flexible capacity and fast-responding ancillary services, identifying high-value locations for energy storage deployment, and incorporating energy storage into long-term system planning. For 2016 and beyond, the energy storage market in California is expected to continue its astronomical growth and become a larger part of the resource mix, due in large part due to the efforts of CESA and its member companies.

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