Into the Weeds of Station Power for Energy Storage
May 26, 2017
Imagine you run a small business. You incur a number of business expenses, ranging from direct labor, to cost of materials, to freight and others. Normally, these expenses would be deductible since they are part of the cost of doing business. Now imagine you are the only business that is not allowed to deduct these expenses from your taxable income. This is approximately the situation that has been faced by energy storage resources competing and selling services into the wholesale energy markets..... Read more.

Updates from the Frontlines of ESS Safety (Part 1)
March 13, 2017
While the industry should continue to strive to quickly commercialize and deploy energy storage, we also stress the safety and reliability of these technologies. In February of 2017, numerous battery researchers and engineers, codes and standards aficionados, and safety and emergency response industry members descended on Santa Fe, New Mexico, for two and a half days of storage and safety discussions in Sandia National Laboratories 2nd Energy Storage Systems Safety (ESS-S) Forum.... Read more.

The Three S’s of Energy Storage… Swift, Shiftable and Scalable
February 15, 2017
In 1894, civilization faced a pollution crisis. The London Times newspaper predicted... “In 50 years, every street in London will be buried under nine feet of horse manure.” This became known as the ‘Great Horse Manure Crisis of 1894’. The terrible situation was debated in 1898, at the world’s first international urban planning conference in New York, but no solution could be found. It seemed urban civilization was doomed... Read more.

California: "Not Turning Back" on Energy Policy
January 25, 2017
Many years from now, historians will likely mark 2017 as a critical period in the fight against (or for) climate change. The election of President Donald Trump has raised the prospect of a backslide on climate change and clean-energy policy.  While many pundits expect backsliding to occur at a federal level ... Read more.

The SGIP: where high tech principles meet energy policy
December 6, 2016
Here in San Francisco Bay Area, entrepreneurs are taught to continuously improve on their new products, create ‘build-measure-learn’ feedback loops, and change-up or ‘pivot’ a product in fast cycles. Such principles promise success for many tech startups, particularly in the global hub of innovation and ... Read more.

Energy storage as a transmission non-wires alternative
November 5, 2016
Energy storage is a silo buster! It represents an asset class that transcends the usual asset classes of generation, load, and transmission and distribution infrastructure by being able to operate as all three asset types. Energy storage is the LeBron James of energy technologies... Read more.

The wind at our backs: CESA’s legislative triumphs in 2016
September 12, 2016
It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  When it comes to energy storage becoming a greater part of the tool-kit for enabling a greener, more efficient, and cost-effective electrical grid, we’ve taken that first step and surely a few beyond.  Some of these steps, however, have been easier than others.  As many of CESA’s members recall, those earliest steps ... Read more.

Lessons from Aliso Canyon: Using energy storage as a reliability resource to overcome natural gas shortages
June 3, 2016 (updated September 4, 2016)
After the largest natural gas leak in U.S. history effectively closed a key underground gas storage facility in Southern California, Governor Jerry Brown called on the CPUC to take steps to guarantee reliable gas and electricity service through the summer, when energy demand peaks. The CPUC quickly narrowed in on energy storage as a critical solution to address reliability... Read more.